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All too often, people talk about, even complain about, things at school. For us, the students did most of the complaining about the bathrooms in our school. You see, our school is 50 years old. It is old. Period. We are in the process of raising and lobbying for funds to build a new school. This is a great thing except that this also means that the higher ups really don't want to spend too much on fixing a building that will be torn down eventually. Don't get me wrong. They fix things as needed. But making the bathrooms more eye appealing is NOT on their list. We (teachers and students) tend to complain a lot about things in our building that just drive us crazy. One of my goals this year is  to  stop talking and start doing . Complaining doesn't solve anything. Talking about changes we want to see doesn't do it. We need to #BeTheChange.  Sooooo this summer I was reminded of an idea I had come across on Twitter a couple years ago. It was a bathroom beautification proj