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Diving In

OK... I did it. After multiple "nudges" by friends, family, and colleagues, I have decided to take the plunge into blogging. I am nervous to say the least, but here I am. I guess I should begin with an introduction. My name is Cara Pavek. First and foremost, I am a wife and mother. My little girl is a super sassy six-year-old. She keeps my husband and I on our toes. I'm currently teaching first grade at Florida Atlantic University's lab school, A.D. Henderson University school. I am entering into my 18th year of teaching and find myself still trying to figure out what kind of teacher I want to be... this year. Yep. I am THAT teacher. You know - the one who is never content with the status quo. The one always trying new things. The one who would rather struggle and/or even fail sometimes rather than do the same thing year after year. I love what I do and over the last few years, I have found this new passion - using technology to increase student engagement and make learning visible

Did you catch those buzzwords? Technology. Student engagement. Visible Learning. There are so many buzzwords in education that it can be hard to know where our focus is. Sometimes it feels like there is a new buzzword every week. I wanted to have a place where I could share ways we can go beyond those infamous buzzwords. Yes, they are overused. Yes, they are occasionally used incorrectly. But these words are still important. Words like differentiation, pedagogy and innovation, these words make us better and can mean the difference in student progress. Not everything I will discuss here will be about buzzwords, but as teachers, we know it is never about buzzwords anyway. It is about love for our students and passion for teaching.

So that's it. I'm so glad that you stopped by. I can't wait to share some of the tech related things I do in my classroom and some of the projects I have done. I have some pretty incredible people to collaborate with. I hope to come back from time to time and hopefully learn something new. Learn new ways to get kids excited about learning, because after all, we do what we do to make kids LOVE to learn. 


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G-Suite + Seesaw = Visible Learning at its Best!

Visible Learning ... This buzzword has been front and center for a few years now. What does it mean to you?  For me, visible learning is being able to see what my kids are learning on their journey to mastery . 18 years ago when I started teaching, I struggled to REALLY see what my students were mastering in the classroom. Multiple choice tests, cut & paste worksheets, there weren't many options. The best way back then to know if your students were proficient in something was the one-on-one demonstration of mastery, but I finding the time to assess each student individually one at a time was extremely tough, especially with 36 students and no assistant. Then came the technology, and today, we almost have TOO many options to choose from to make kids' learning visible.  I wanted to share two of the tech tools that have transformed my classroom, especially when it comes to making learning visible. For the last few years, I have used Seesaw in my first grade classroom

Thank You, ISTE!

Wow, what a turn out for our presentation! Thank you, everyone! Can’t believe it’s over. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my poster session, AR + Green Screen = App Smashing Success, with Jenny O’Sullivan.  Here’s a link to our resources . There you will find everything needed to duplicate our Garden & LEGO projects. We LOVE combining augmented reality with green screen to make student work come alive. Read more about the Our Garden project via Jenny’s blog now!   Again, thanks for checking us out. Until next year, ISTE!